SERVICE: Gas appliances annual service, priority call outs, hourly rates applicable on any additional visits except remedial work after service (which will be quoted). Full rate on emergency hourly rate charge.

SERVICEPLAN: Gas appliances service, priority call outs and all labour free within appliance casing. Reduced rate on emergency hourly rate charge.

SERVICEPLAN PLUS: Gas appliances annual service, priority call outs and all labour free on entire installation. No emergency hourly rate charge.

SERVICEPLAN-i: If at any point you decide to get a new gas appliance, heating or hot water system installed by us, you can, for a very low fee receive this contract which will give you priority attention for 24 months include all labour, parts, call out charges, emergency call out charges and 2x gas appliances annual services.

PAY AS YOU GO: Just like most people we only want to pay for what we use, so this contract is great for some customers who do not use their gas appliances all year round and can opt to pay for the months they only want to cover by paying a monthly fee. This contract includes all the contracts and terms listed above for the exception of the serviceplan-i. The principles are basically the same, the contract will be worked out for 12 months and then broken down in to 12 monthly intervals. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

When you are ready to start the cover you simply contact us with the first months standard order/direct debit payment. We then take payments on the same day every month until you contact us again to stop.

All contracts are a basic guideline and can be revised and worked to suit your every need. We can cater for any type of contract ranging from school, health clubs, churches, offices, warehouses, domestic dwellings and much more. Contracts start from as low as £75 per appliance a year but will vary dependant on the kilowatt rating, type of appliances installed and your needs.

All our contracts are based on a 12 month fee, but we feel strongly that if we are not supplying you with the service you require why should you be stuck in a 12 month contract. So at any point you feel like we are not fulfilling our duty of care to you, which must be justified you may opt out of the contract and we will refund you the remaining difference according to how many months you have had on your contract.

The only thing we ask is that all contracts are subject to a first visit health check which will let both parties know where we stand from the start. This is a standard rate of £65 an appliance which if the appliances are in full working order and comply too current regulations you will receive a gas safety certificate on completion. This will be carried out by our lead technician who will then discuss the contracts and prices available. On completion of this you are under no obligation to take a gas maintenance contract.

No Call Out Charges

Contracts start from as low as £75

Pay as you go contracts