Breakdown and repair

Here at serviceflame we understand the importance of your heating appliances. When problems arise it can be a major inconvenience to you. Why do these problems always seem to occur in the winter, when temperatures are low and you’re desperate for heating and hot water? The answer to this is that your appliances are being worked much harder in these cold winter months. As your demand for a warm home soars, along with more hot water requirement, your appliance is asked to work overtime.

Appliances that are regularly serviced are much less likely to breakdown as potential problems can be picked up early and repaired. Problems are inevitable at some point in your appliances life and most of them are repairable. These problems very often require immediate attention, but why should you pay inflated prices for a quick response?

At serviceflame our engineers are fully qualified and equipped to deal with any occurrence that arises.

Serviceflame are dedicated to giving you a fast response time, depending on the severity of the problem, but most occurrences are usually dealt within 24 hours of your initial call. We work out of a well stocked vehicle and always aim to fix the problem on the first visit, to get your gas appliance up and running as soon as possible, but as you can appreciate, there are so many types of gas appliance spares that we will not keep on the vehicle, but we will do our utmost to acquire the spare part through our many suppliers as quick and conveniently as possible.

Here at serviceflame we believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of our work, and think there is nothing worse than being left wondering when and how the appliance is going to be fixed, thus we will be in contact with you every step of the way from diagnosing the problem, price and availability of the spare part and the time and date of our return visit. You will also have the privilege of having a direct contact telephone number, so if you have any queries or questions along the way, you can contact the engineer direct.

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