Gas Leaks Trace and Repair

We all know gas leaks happen and how dangerous they can be so your first port of call should be to Open all windows, do not turn anything electrical on, isolate the main gas supply by the gas meter and evacuate the premises if necessary then call national grid who will be out to you within the hour to make it safe.

The second port of call should be to call serviceflame who are highly qualified domestic and commercial gas safe registered engineers who will trace the whereabouts of the gas leak and repair were necessary, getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

On some occasions the gas leaks can be severe and may be in places unable to reach, so on these rare occasions partial or a whole new gas pipe run may be required.

Here at serviceflame we are fully qualified to calculate and install domestic and commercial gas pipe installations so that the job can be carried out quickly and efficiently from start to finish causing you the customer less inconvenience and time to complete the job required

No Call Out Charges

Contracts start from as low as £75

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