Our current gas safe qualifications are as follows for Natural Gas and LPG:

CCN1- Core Domestic Gas safet CODNCO1- Core Domestic Gas safety Inc Central heating
CEN1- Central Heating Water Heaters
CKR1- Cookers CDGA1- Direct Fired Air heaters
DAH1- Ducted Air Heating CIGA1- Indirect fired Air Heaters
HTR1- Gas Fires CORT1- Radiant Plaque and Radiant Tube Heaters
LAU1- Laundry ICPN1- Commercial Pipework first fix
MET1- Meters TPCP1A- Testing and Purging (IGE/UP/1A)s
WAT1- Water Heaters TPCP1- Testing and Purging (IGE/UP/1)
CPA1- Combustion Performance Analysis CCLNG1- Core Commercial Laundry
CoNGLP1- Core Domestic Gas Safety LPG CLE1- Laundry
PD –Permanent dwellings COMCAT1 and COMCAT3- Catering

Our other qualifications are BPEC Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems, CSCS Registration Scheme and we are fully trained on Biomass Boilers

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